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ACC Annual Membership

Summer 2022

Dear Colleague:

Greetings from California!  I hope this correspondence finds you well.  I am honored and excited to start my term as the new treasurer of the ACC and hope that I can be of support in any way possible to the organization as well as to each member.  

Enclosed with this letter you will find your dues invoice for 2022-2023/5783.  Payments are now being accepted.  Your payment is due by October 31, 2022.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns regarding your dues or need to make special arrangements.  Please call or e-mail me so we can make an arrangement that ensures keeping you in good standing with the Conference.  All conversations will be held in appropriate confidence.  The ACC recommends you review the ACC’s Guidelines for Discretionary Fund Usage and your synagogue’s policies before deciding to use discretionary funds for the payment of your ACC dues.  Donations via your discretionary fund are always welcome.  Dues payments and donations can be returned in the enclosed envelope or you may opt to make a credit card of electronic payment on our website.  

If your congregation pays your dues, be sure to turn this invoice into the proper personnel to ensure that your payment is made on time.  Our organization is highly dependent on your dues for our programming and services and paying in a timely manner ensure the continuation of the multitude of offerings the Conference provides.  Further, as a member in good standing, you will have complete access to services such as Placement, Member Support, our Retirement plan, and the ACC “members only” sections of our website, to name just a few.

Of course, I encourage all our members to make additional contributions to the ACC so that those members who are not able to pay their full dues for whatever reason can remain active members of our community.  On the dues invoice you will find an invitation to support the Chesed Fund and Enhanced Dues, both of which support our colleagues in need through individual financial support and dues support.  We also encourage you to become a Friend of Transcontinental Music ensuring that the publication of new Jewish music continues and thrives.  Further, please consider a clergy membership to ARZA strengthening the Movement’s commitment to build a more pluralistic and democratic Israel.

Again, dues are considered late if not paid by October 31.  Avoid any late fees and submit your dues at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for your membership in the American Conference of Cantors! You are a valued member of our community. May you be inscribed for a healthy and sweet year! 


Leigh Korn, ACC Treasurer
Cell: 510-213-9102 

MEMBERSHIP DUES INVOICE Annual Membership Dues Invoice Due by October 31
I understand and acknowledge that, as a member of the ACC, I am bound by, and it is my responsibility to read, understand and abide by, the ACC's governing documents. All of the ACC's governing documents maybe found at or by calling the ACC office.

Dues Calculation

NOTE: If your "autofill" is active on your browser, please double check your fields to make sure extra boxes are not filled in. If you are a member of one of our partner organizations, please see the instructions for dues reduction below before processing your payment.
Regular Member Dues
Please calculate your dues based on the appropriate formula and enter the total payment to be made in the box below. Do not exclude parsonage from your calculation.

If you are taking a reduction in your ACC dues as a member of a URJ Affiliate Organization, please do your calculation and reduce your dues in the box below. 
Associate and ACC-CA Dual Memberships
Please calculate your dues based on the appropriate formula and enter the total payment to be made in the box below. Do not exclude parsonage from your calculation.
URJ Partner Organization Membership Affiliations:
ACC dues may be reduced by the amount paid to another URJ Affiliate Organization, but not less than $275. E.g., ACC full dues minus ARJE dues equals New ACC Dues Amount: $1,750 - $600 = $1,150 new ACC dues.

If you are taking a reduction in your dues for membership in one of the URJ affiliate organizations, please re-calculate your dues above and enter the correct amount in your dues to be paid box.

Documentation must be provided. Upon receipt of your documentation, the amount of your URJ Affiliate Organizational dues will be refunded. Please fax documentation to 847-781-7801.

Donations and Additional Payments

Please add any additional donations you'd like to make to the ACC.
Sat, October 1 2022 6 Tishrei 5783